Guides to follow

There’s no single universal method to learn a language. Try this one now and use it, that will  works for you. One hour every day tends to be more effective than a long session once a week. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Have a go and you’ll learn much more quickly with smart coco your personal language trainer .

Listen : Polish you ear listening to language learning podcasts during idle times, such as when travelling to work, doing sport, listening to  music, news, conversations and lessons recommended by your personal trainer in the language learning. That helps much more than you can´t  imagine.

Watch TV and video : Watching films, movies, news and documentaries recommended by your personal trainer on TV, including video online, all in the learning language, will result difficult at first time. But if you dedicate time to this new habit, that will help you to be accustomed to how the language you are learning sounds.Thus, with the help of the visual memory, you’ll pick up odd words and phrases that will finally form part of your vocabulary.

Write : Writing  words on post-it notes and sticking them around the house, a way to stimulate your brain and permit the visual memory to get developed an accumulate all the information. Time passing by, you will be surprised by the result .

Say : Saying phone numbers out loud, make shopping and other lists or memorise orders in a bar or restaurant. These words, phrases, and  numbers will help you to get accustomed to hear your own voice in the  language you are learning, improving or simply reviewing.

Repeat :  Repeating activities to consolidate what you’ve learnt, helps you to revise and correct some mistakes that could have been forgot while you were not concentrated .Also, that will help you to improve your language learning.

Visit : Visiting a place where you can use the language you’re learning. If anything, it will keep you motivated. and that way you will notice the improvement you have got  with your personal trainer.

Go back : Going back every now and again to something. You may be surprised at how much you’ve learnt and how it will worth it for sure.