Smart coco online methodology

Avoid traveling and optimize your time with our abc´s training types.
Three training ways created specially to fit your need when connecting such as:

Training-led online:
A virtual blend of highly engaging course content, interactive sessions.

On-site training:
For business people, translation, conversation, exams preparation.

Training-live web:
Questions and answers in real time.

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 ABC’s training types


Enjoy improving a personal way customised specially for you along the training throughout new updated technologies apps.

  • I draw up personalized training method exclusively online. Offering you your own training in the language you choose such as: English-French-Spanish.
  • You will receive a personalized assessment exclusively online, from home or wherever you are.
  • Contact me by filling the how to choose a course enquiry form.
    This will help to make your own profile form to finally build your personalized tailored training method.
  • Once elaborated your personal file, I’ll draw up your training method and create your personalized training plan with its characteristics such as (schedule, assessment, tutorial…)

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How to choose a course enquiry form.